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QQ International Version is dead: Learn Chinese or Use WeChat

If you are using QQ, the Chinese social media platform, on a PC and want multi-language capability, or at least a language other than Chinese, your days are numbered. The PC program was last updated in 2014 and has been slowly degrading in functionality. There is no foreseeable new version planned. The best you can do is to learn more Chinese and install the Chinese version, or use the Android international version on an Andriod smartphone.

Posting From Hub of All Things HAT to Facebook and Twitter

So here’s the deal. We, as citizens, post up on Facebook, or Twitter. A lot. Yes, a lot. When we log in and use their screens we give them permission to own our content and data. They can make money off it and resell it. Our data. They claim that it is now their data. Huh? How did it get from my life and finger tips to their ownership? What if you could own not only your own data but your own data’s database, just like your wallet? And from your wallet, you post to Facebook and Twitter. This means that you originally posted from your wallet, which you own. This means that the data, that is yours, that was originally stored in your wallet, that you own, is all yours. You keep it, you own it, just like it should be. Welcome to the Hub of All Things, or HAT.