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Toshiba 32L1350UC LED TV Software Glitches

Moving from Rogers Cable to OTA TV necessitated the purchase of a new digital TV. We chose the 32″ Toshiba 32L1350UC because it was big enough and still able to fit into our existing multimedia cabinet.Overall the TV works remarkably well and is of high quality. There are a couple odd glitches that I have noticed.

I really wanted to get a larger TV, as the 32″ ones looked quite small in the showroom. I measured the distance from our couch to the TV and brought a measuring tape to the showroom. We measured out this distance to the TV. Surprisingly my kids said a 32″ was big enough, and there was no need to spend more money.

Firefox 4.0 not Sufficiently Useful

I really like Firefox. It is so much better and faster than IE. Still, in the last year that I have upgraded Firefox versions, it has been getting slower. I did quickly research Firefox 4.0 problems before upgrading and still was unprepared for a bad version. I downgraded to 3.6.17 because I could not use my browser.

Kid’s Math Word Problems

These are math word problems for kids in grade 2-4. I collect them as I find them. I think that kids should be able to think about the situation and figure out the math question to solve. This is not as easy as it sounds, and kids can easily get confused. Practice makes perfect. I find that reading math problems in workbooks is not as effective as real life situations.

  1. I bought a Singer sewing machine, which was made in August 1958. How old is it?
  2. Bag one is 15 lb of potatoes and costs $1.99. Bag two is 10 lb of potatoes and costs $1.33. Which bag is cheaper per pound and why? Show your work.
  3. A 5 lb bag of tangerines costs $3.77. A 12 lb box of oranges costs $4.99. Which one is cheaper per pound and why? Show your work.
  4. You want to borrow the book “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, vol 2 from the library, so you place a hold on it. You are 473d out of a total of 701 holds. Each hold can be borrowed for one week. How long do you have to wait? Answer in years, months and weeks. You are 8 years old. How old will you be when you can borrow this book.
  5. Your Big Sister sells Girl Guide cookies. She has 2 cases. Each case has 12 boxes. Each box has 12 cookies. How many total cookies does she have? She then sells 4 boxes. How many cookies does she have left? Show your work.
  6. Heinz ketchup in a fancy bottle is on sale at $2.99 for 1.25L. No Name ketchup costs $1.99 for 1L. Which ketchup brand do you get more ketchup for you money. Do not base your answer on which ketchup tastes better. Show your work.
  7. I bought 3 bottles of Gummy vitamins that contain 190 vitamins in each box. There are two kids in the family that take one vitamin each day. How long will the three vitamin bottles last?