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Eclipse Oxygen Install on Ubuntu 16.04: Item add to ClassicMenu Indicator

On my Ubuntu 16.04 install I removed Eclipse Luna and reinstalled to Eclipse Oxygen, using the newer Eclipse Installer 2019-03 R. Unfortunately the installer did not add a menu item to my ClassicMenu Indicator or the Unity menu.

I can still use Files to navigate to the Eclipse install directory and click the Eclipse icon to start, so I know Eclipse does work.

I initially tried this fix but it did not put an icon on any menu. Further searching, 2 provided a solution. If you wish to edit the application menus you will need to install the “alacarte” program to do this. Alacarte will also not show up on your menu.

Installing WPSeku on Ubuntu 16.04

This program WPSeku, is similar to WPScan but has different tests, so I thought that since I already have Python I would install it. The installation was much easier than WPScan.

# git clone https://github.com/m4ll0k/WPSeku.git
# cd WPSeku
# pip install -r requirements.txt
# python wpseku.py

I did have to install pip with “~/WPSeku$ sudo apt install python-pip”. It did install and upgrade my python packages.

Initially I kept getting a “permission denied” but then did a chmod:

sudo chmod 755 wpseku.py

Run WPSeku using “~/WPSeku$ ./wpseku.py -t http://yoursite.com”

Installing WPScan on Ubuntu 16.04

Wanted, I do, WPScan in order to do WordPress pen testing. It looks like a good product, and I do WordPress webmaster admin work, so this is an appropriate tool.

The install instructions from WPScan.org are a bit daunting, and it turns out, not correct for Ubuntu 16.04. WPScan uses Ruby, which uses the Ruby Version manager RVM. I took their advice and installed with RVM, but you still need to install RVM. I needed to modify their instructions for a proper install. The general steps are:

Metasploit, Armitage and NMap Install on Ubuntu 16.04

Yep, very popular hacking tools! Metasploit
Took the install from Rapid7’s site. It all went very well.

To start they had the command “./msfconsole”, which did not work for me. It started with “msfconsole”. The initial run created the initial database. The “db_status” command also worked.

I did not seem to need to do the “service postgresql start” command. I did a search and received a message: Module database cache not built yet, using slow search. To build the cache do “db_rebuild_cache”. This worked, link. Now my searches work.

search WordPress
67 WordPress vulnerabilities
search drupal
6 Drupal vulnerabilities

Gedit: Add New Highlight Mode for .htaccess

Highlight modes are dependent on the file types you are editing. They are useful because they highlight different types of text into different colours. For example it is useful to put all comments into a specific colour. Important language specific keywords can be highlighted in a different colour. Usability wise your brain will then be able to ignore unimportant text and concentrate on important text, simply by colour.

I work a lot with .htaccess files in Ubuntu 16.04, so wanted a highlight mode for .htaccess. Someone has created one and was available for download, called apache.lang. Unfortunately I could not find out how to put this download into the right directory. Here are my instructions.