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Eclipse Oxygen Install on Ubuntu 16.04: Item add to ClassicMenu Indicator

On my Ubuntu 16.04 install I removed Eclipse Luna and reinstalled to Eclipse Oxygen, using the newer Eclipse Installer 2019-03 R. Unfortunately the installer did not add a menu item to my ClassicMenu Indicator or the Unity menu.

I can still use Files to navigate to the Eclipse install directory and click the Eclipse icon to start, so I know Eclipse does work.

I initially tried this fix but it did not put an icon on any menu. Further searching, 2 provided a solution. If you wish to edit the application menus you will need to install the “alacarte” program to do this. Alacarte will also not show up on your menu.

Ubuntu 14.04, Eclipse 4.4 Luna and Android ADT: The Journey

Easy it will not be, for this path I know will be rocky. I tried installing Eclipse and the Android ADT on Windows 7 and got really stuck. Now that I’m on Ubuntu there is so much more help, but the problems are still many, varied and difficult to solve. I’ll chart the course here.

Android Dev, Eclipse Tips from a Beginner

It is not easy starting any major technical development area, and Android development is no exception. There are a lot of resources to query, but there really is no one but yourself to try and figure things out. Query your problem on Google Search and you’ll likely end up at StackOverflow.com. While there are answers, they might not answer your question. You try, fail, and then try something else. Here are some tips I learned.

Installing Arduino and Eclipse on Xubuntu 10.04 LTS

There is a whole lot of information on the internet about using the Arduino with Eclipse on Xubuntu 10.04 LTS, much of it out of date. Here I document my experience in the hope that this process becomes more smooth.

I followed documentation from a couple of very key people, which helped a lot. Still, there are certain issues that threw me off. I have added my experiences where I had issues. The Arduino IDE is the standard method to connect to and program the Arduino. It is simple to use. If you want a more rich programming environment you can also use Eclipse, with the Arduino plugin. Either method can be used to program and run the Arduino. Here are the steps: