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Android Dev, Eclipse Tips from a Beginner

It is not easy starting any major technical development area, and Android development is no exception. There are a lot of resources to query, but there really is no one but yourself to try and figure things out. Query your problem on Google Search and you’ll likely end up at StackOverflow.com. While there are answers, they might not answer your question. You try, fail, and then try something else. Here are some tips I learned.

Killing Java Quick Starter Completely

I hate when automatic software adds odds and ends to your system that seemingly does not have any benefit. Even more, I hate when they give you no option to disable it. I have almost as much hate for software that allows you to disable a function, but does not completely disable it, leaving you to clean up the residual mess. Such is the case with Sun Microsystem’s Java Quick Starter, automagically installed when you upgrade to Java 9. Sure you can uncheck the JQS box, but that is certainly not enough, as it leaves a trail of destruction for Firefox and a service that is stopped but not completely killed. Sun should really know better. Here is my 3 part kill method: uncheck the service, remove from Firefox, remove the service.

Adding Firefox Function Without the Fat

Firefox helps you be strict with wayward plug-ins

Firefox helps you be strict with wayward plug-ins

Weary am I when I have to set up another browser in my house. The browser of choice, Firefox, is very easy to install and I have little complaint. It’s the extra add-ons and plug-ins that take work. The score: Sun’s Java gets an A, Adobe’s Acrobat gets a C, Shockwave and Flash gets a D. Yes, they now function, but what a hassle. Most come with extra stuff you not only do not want but do not need. Simpler software leads to a simpler, more reliable computer, a bonus for anyone.