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Chinese-Canadian Business People Working in China: Risky?

Over the years there have been many an example where business people of Chinese descent, Huaqiao or Huayi, have gone to China to do business, some commercial disputes have arisen, and these Chinese foreigners have been thrown in jail, passports confiscated, for a prolonged period of time. As someone with a business degree, and who can speak Chinese, this risk is more than a possibility.

This is not to say that non-Chinese business people have immunity. They have also been thrown into jail for commercial disputes, but seemingly not as often.

Eating Bugs: Worm Larvets

From a practical point of view, eating bugs should be a given. However here in Toronto, Canada, we as a society are squeamish about the subject. Recently I had the opportunity to try some worm larvets for myself. They really were not bad but not tasty, really. They actually had no taste at all. What is the point? Bugs really rule the world and are a good source of protein. If we ate more bugs we would reduce the dependence on red and chicken meat, which requires lots of the earth’s resources. We could be kinds to the earth by eating more bugs. The Little Weed tried one for shock value and also said there was very little taste.

Looking for Work in Toronto, Canada: Difficult

It is with great dismay that I have been reading news reports that the recession in Canada has been over for many months, yet I still cannot find work. I consider myself to be an intelligent fellow, very well educated with work experience to match, but somehow I’ve lost my golden touch. Really, that is putting it mildly. Logically speaking if I had not been fortuitous enough to live a frugal and stable life in the past, today I should be in bankruptcy, living off food banks and be a beggar in the street. Smart strategies and a whole lot of luck in the past have saved me this fate. Or was it typical Chinese values. One will never know.