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2015 2016 Honda Fit: Jack Points

Discussions, there are, on how best to jack up the 2015 2016 Honda Fit, for such chores like changing tires and oil changes. The owner’s manual points to the 4 reinforced jack points on the side rails, and these are all good, but jacking up the car one tire at a time with the scissor jack that comes with the car is time consuming and exhausting. There must be a better way.

2016 Honda Fit Rear Splash Guards Install

Not being one to was the car often, I’ve opted to install rear splash guards. They will keep the rear of the car cleaner, as there will be less splash up of water and snow. The front splash guards came with the car. As all Canadian Fits already come with front splash guards I only had to install the rear ones. I did not need to remove the rear tires to install the splash guards, but did need a really short philips screwdriver. Here in Canada these rear splash guards cost $61CAD for the pair. The quality of the splash guards is quite good. The fit was also great.

2015 2016 Honda Fit: Defects and Remediation

The 2016 Honda Fit is a good car. Overall the car is very suitable for our small family, not too big and not too small. The fuel economy is really good, and the price, while higher than competing subcompacts, was reasonable. That being said, Honda did cut corners on this car to save money and increase fuel economy. If you are considering this car for purchase you should be aware of these cost cutting measures before you purchase. Hang out at the Fit Freak forum to talk with a wide variety of owners. I’ll keep a running tab of defects as time passes.