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The Rise and Fall of Automotive Fuel Prices 2014-2015

Ridiculous, is the rise and fall of automotive fuel in North America/the World, where the OPEC nations have decided to flood the world market with their oil, thus drastically reducing prices. The repercussions, surprisingly, are markedly in the favour of the OPEC nations.

Automotive Journalist on Motorcycle Hurt by Left Turning Car

How to avoid getting killed by a car, especially a left turning car at a signalized intersection, is a frequent topic of discussion on motorcycle forums and blogs. For a long time smart motorcyclists have been looking for the cause and solution to this deadly dilemma, in the hopes of reducing or eliminating the threat. First-hand documented accounts of crashes are dissected with a forensic zeal. Possible causes and contributing factors are suggested. Motorcyclists always leave the discussion with an uneasiness and queasiness in the gut: Often the cause of the crash, a car driver, is beyond the rider’s control. In this case an automotive writer riding his motorcycle gets into a head-on crash with a left-turning young lady, who says the typical cop-out excuse: “I did not see him”.