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CIA Hacker Stymied by Chinese

CIA hacker stopped by Windows popup box, in Chinese

CIA hacker stopped by Windows popup box, in Chinese

CIA hackers may have been stopped by a Windows popup box in Chinese, according to a recent Wikileaks. For those of us that know Chinese, this is amusing.

A dialogue box in Chinese had kept popping up on screen as the agent tried to install a test program on a computer running the Windows operating system. Unable to understand what the box said, he tried everything from setting the system region to an English-speaking zone to forcing the program installer to use English.

Slicing fresh meat thinly for Chinese Stir Fry

This Oster meat slicer model 319-66 is not professional but does the job well enough. It is a little hard to adjust and clean, but was inexpensive.

This Oster meat slicer model 319-66 is not professional but does the job well enough. It is a little hard to adjust and clean, but was inexpensive.

Big Boss likes to stir fry, and so if I cut the meat too thickly, I catch hell. Yes, small but terrifying, and I am not talking about the knife. We want fresh meat sliced very thinly for Chinese stir fry, or for Korean hot pot. Thin enough to be translucent. How do you do this with fresh meat? Buy pork loin, drain liquids, cut in half, freeze, slice with meat slicer, and then if you wish, vacuum seal in small bags, then refreeze.

Posting To Multi-Language Search Engines: Google, Baidu, Sogou, 360

Speaking Chinese and English, it is what I do. As my mother tongue is English and I live in Toronto, Canada, it was natural for me to post in English and use Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and other English biased search engines. I also have the ability to speak and write in Chinese, so I often do bilingual posts just for fun. As I regularly monitor my raw access server log, I can see that Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, Sogou, 360, Yandex and other search engines regularly index my content. I wondered how well they index my posts, and if there are any hints and tips that might make getting my content indexed better.

Chinese Maps Compare: Google, 360, Sougou, Baidu 中国地图比较: 谷歌, 360, 搜狗, 百度

Maps, I do like. Not only are they pretty, they are pretty useful, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. Map and compass in hand, you can walk at your leisure and not get lost, or at least be able to get help from the locals when you do. But which maps are the best for China? I thought I’d do a map slugfest, comparing Google (line and satellite), 360, Sougou and Baidu. I chose 150 meters of Shandong, Changdao on Jiefang (Liberation) Road as an example.

我喜欢地图。 除了很漂亮意外, 它们也很好用,特别要是你对这个地方不熟悉。 地图和指南针zai 手里你可以随便走路不怕迷路, 或者一迷路可以让本地人给你帮忙。 在中国哪个地图最好呢? 我想比较, 用谷歌 (线的和卫星的), 360, 搜狗 和百度比较。 我选择了150米的山东长岛的解放路来比如。

Ubuntu 14.04 Chinese SunPinyin / Pinyin: Fixes

Chinese input is fun, for the warped mind that I am. Yes, it is exceptionally difficult to learn Chinese, but after that little hurdle, and significant eye strain, it is fun. Chinese input methods on Ubuntu 14.04 is somewhat confusing, as it is very easy to install, both for SunPinyin and Pinyin yet there are bugs. I installed SunPinyin, and when I could not input certain characters, also installed Pinyin. Here are the ones I found, and their fixes.

Pinyin Joe has installation instructions for Chinese, and the very many input methods. He also has a page for Ubuntu 14.04 Chinese bugs. This fixed the “学” xue bug in Pinyin, but not in SunPinyin.

Lubuntu 14.04 LTS Install on Old Dell Laptop

This old Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop, handed down to me because it was really broken, was tired as tired could be. I brought it back to life by eschewing Windows and embracing Lubuntu 14.04 LTS. Now it hums and runs really well. Here are some of my observations.

This Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop has 500mb of Ram, 2 of 4 broken USB ports, and a missing down arrow key. Apparently my mischievous nephew had heard that one of his toys was able to insert into a computer, so he tried this, twice, on this laptop. Two USB ports had sorted out and remain damaged, and Windows XP had crashed hard and was irrecoverable. I tried to rebuild XP, and it was largely successful, but could not configure the wifi to work. XP was slow, and running a browser was painfully slow. In essence it was a dead laptop.

Chinese Propensity for a Lack of Safety Measures

Safety is not something that I feel rates as very important in Chinese culture. There are numerous instances where, if the situation were in Canada, regular Canadians would be up in arms. Chinese people are, instead, chill. I really do not understand this mindset, as the results could be disastrous. Having lived and traveled in China, then returning home to Toronto, Canada, I have seen so many examples. In potentially dangerous situations I see nothing to gain and much to lose.

Feeder Goldfish as Pets

Feeder goldfish, after quarantine, make excellent fish. Seen here eating Chinese veggies. Photo by Don Tai

Feeder goldfish, after quarantine, make excellent fish. Seen here eating Chinese veggies. Photo by Don Tai

Not having money and wanting to keep fish had me researching all the possibilities. On one hand, I knew nothing about raising fish, so the possibility of killing a few would be a near certainty. On the other hand fish can be $3-4 each. Since I do not like to waste money that I do not have, I turned to feeder goldfish, sold for $0.18CAD each, here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Feeder goldfish, as I read on the internet, are full of diseases and will quickly die, so do not bother. On the other hand there were others who said they raised feeders to become large fish that were strong and healthy. I am decidedly in the latter camp. Feeder goldfish are goldfish, just that they have been badly treated. Overall feeder goldfish can be beautiful, graceful and easy to care for.

Teach Small Goldfish to Eat Vegetables

Sometimes there are certain situations where a direct teaching approach is not possible. I found this out with newborns and fish. Firstly I am unsure if they are capable and secondly there is no direct feedback to tell you if they received the message. You then use the trial and error method: Try something and see if you receive a satisfactory result. Small goldfish are very skittish. This is reasonable because they are so small and have been largely mistreated. Here is how to teach them to eat vegetables.