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Grav: Putting white space around an Image with CSS

I’ve done it for a long time, so it was just a matter of time before I could figure it out with Grav. With its distinct combo of markdown and HTML I had to find the right combination.

The problem was that once I put up an image with text flowing around it, the text would be placed right beside the image, leaving no extra white space. This is unpleasant to the eye and makes the text more difficlt to read. A mere 10 pixels of white space make all the difference.

CSS Movement and Animation: Beginnings

I have been playing around with my dropcaps and came upon this reference:

The demos used here are very functional, but imagine the doors to decorative typography this could open up! In principle we’ll be free to use many familiar properties on the initial letter, including:

  • All familiar font properties
  • Color and opacity
  • Text-shadow and other text decoration
  • Transform properties
  • and how about some background-clip action?

This got me thinking about using css for movement in general. Which got me thinking about how movement using css, in the wrong hands, could really ruin the user experience.

WordPress Pinboard Theme: Fixing the Top Banner

Overall the Pinboard 1.0.7 and 1.0.10 themes for WordPress is a really lovely theme. It has lots of features and nice functionality. However you really never know a theme until you put a site into production and stumble upon its features and flaws. For Pinboard, I struggled with formatting the top banner for hours, until I discovered it’s secrets. While there is a forum for Pinboard, their help was sparse.

Site Title and Tagline: I wanted an image banner the width of the screen, or close to it. Pinboard has an option of a small banner coupled with a text site name and tagline. Since my graphic banner would include my site name and tag line, I turned off this feature.

Drupal 6 AboutPeople Theme and FCKeditor Goes Black on Black

Problem: After installing the AboutPeople theme and FCKeditor on Drupal 6.9, when the editor is invoked its editor window background is black and the text colour is black, not allowing you to see what you’re writing.

Solution: This is not a problem of the theme or the module, but an unfortunate consequence of their interaction.

Here the fix.
Summary: Go into FCK Editor, change the default style sheet, which is “use theme CSS”, to the “FCKeditor default” style sheet, and the background will turn white, allowing you to see what you’re typing.