Imperial Deluxe Sewing Machine Manual

Imperial Deluxe sewing machine, circa 1966, no model number

Imperial Deluxe sewing machine, circa 1966, no model number

Tried I did in an extensive Google Search to find the model number for this sewing machine, but I could not. In fact, I could not even find a single images that was exactly the same machine. Yes, there are many that are similar, Imperials with three large knobs on the right side, but not quite. In this, the great age of the Internet, there is still objects, products and knowledge out there for us to discover and publish. This Imperial Deluxe sewing machine is one of them. I date this Imperial Deluxe sewing machine to circa 1966-1970, as compared to other Imperials in Eaton’s catalogues here in Canada. If you have the same sewing machine, leave a message for me.

I’d like to thank Shirley Lang for graciously donating her sewing machine manual to me. She says that her Mum bought it for her, used, over 30 years ago. And the sewing machine is still going strong. In this day of throw away appliances, that’s great to hear.

Imperial Deluxe sewing machine, circa 1966, no model number

Imperial Deluxe sewing machine, circa 1966, no model number

Thanks for downloading the user manual for the Imperial Deluxe sewing machine. I do not know the model number.

This manual was graciously donated to me by Shirley Lang, who wanted it to be available to the world in order to help others. This manual should not be sold in any form and should be given away and distributed free of charge. If you have paid ANY money for this manual then you should request a refund.

Happy Sewing
Don Tai
April 2015

If you download this manual please leave a comment with your sewing machine model number. Sometimes we can get lucky and find, after many years, the user manual for your sewing machine. This just recently happened with the Imperial 4500 model. If there are any updates to this manual that are made in the future I will email you.

Download here by right click and then “Save Link As” -> Imperial Deluxe sewing machine User Manual

5 thoughts on “Imperial Deluxe Sewing Machine Manual

  1. Gloria

    Just purchased this machine this week – and wondered how old it is. There is no label on the machine, however there is one on the motor stating “Electohome” and “Made in Canada” with some numbers. It doesn’t quite look like the one pictured in the manual, however the colour matches and it looked original. Is yours the same?

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  3. Nick

    Hello! I have the same sewing machine with manual that I picked up over the Summer! Being new to sewing machines, I’m trying to figure out what kind of needles and threader I’ll need to buy for it.

    Also, cryptically written in pen on the cover of my manual is the following: Imperial Deluxe, Z104420″ If that is of any use to you.

  4. Cam Bailey

    Hello: I am a self taught sewing machine mechanic for our small, very isolated town, and was gratified to find your site. A lady brought an Imperial Deluxe Zig Zag machine in for repair. she had picked it up at a local thrift shop. There is no model number on the thing but the margins of Z80 / 2275. It is lovely hammered blue colour, and sounds very sweet when it is running. Unfortunately the check spring is broken on it and the tension release is not working. I hope to be able to haywire something together that will get it to work. the good thing is the manual was still with it and I have scanned a copy of it. Please let me know where I can send it to so you can share it with anyone else who might want it. Thanks a million.

  5. Piscis85

    Mi máquina tiene atascado el botón de retroceso,que puedo hacer

    [Don: Turn the machine upside down and add oil to the reverse knob area. It should release. Voltee la máquina y agregue aceite en el área de la perilla de marcha atrás. debería liberarse.]

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