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Sweden’s Greta Thunberg Chastises Adults for their Climate Change Failure

She’s 16 and very cute, though she has a temper. In fact, she is correct. The adults of the world are ruining the environment, and her generation and beyond will need to repair it. While the outcomes are irrefutable the contributing issues are complex. While there is no excuse for wrecking the environment, there are reasons why adults are not more proactive.

People need jobs or they cannot live. Many of these jobs involve natural resources. Canada, for example, has oil in the ground that has been traditionally extracted and sold to customers around the world. If we stop the burning of oil completely, these jobs will disappear and people’s lives and families will be destroyed. While this can change, in the long run, we have no mechanism to do this yet.

China’s Border Control: Exit Ban or Bian Kong

China is well known for its ability to detain foreigners from exiting the country. It is often used to settle business conflict between foreigners and Chinese companies. The Chinese company contacts the police to say that a foreigner has not paid or lived up to some business dealing and Chinese border control puts a ban on the foreigner’s exit. These are called “exit bans“.

Bian kong, “边控“, short for bianjing kongzhi, “边境控制” is a system that can bar a foreigner from leaving China. We normally call it an “exit ban”



目前国内关于边控的相关法律规定,主要是外国人出入境管理法、 《中华人民共和国公民出入境管理法》 (以下简称“两法”)和最高法院、最高检察院、公安部、国家安全部印发的《关于依法限制外国人和中国公民出境问题的若干规定》 (以下简称《若干规定》)以及公安部发布的一些部门规章等。总体上讲,这些规定比较原则,在适用中还需要不断地加以完善

US-China Trade War: Divergent Points of View

So many articles have come out of China that view China as the victim, and the US has been picking on China and Huawei. In China this victimization is played up in the news and, with the absence of varying views, believed by most Chinese people.

On the surface they seem to have a persuasive argument: China is up and coming, the US is a “has been” country that refuses to step down, and therefore is trying to contain China’s rise. The US is racist. There is a clash of civilizations. The US is a bully. The US under Trump is against international trading and international order.

Leqianpo Restaurant in China adds 25% Duty Tax for US Tourists

For dining US tourists, a 25% duty will be added. Chinese restaurant sign: For further information please contact the US Embassy

For dining US tourists, a 25% duty will be added. Chinese restaurant sign: For further information please contact the US Embassy

乐签婆串串香加盟店 Lè qiān pó chuànchuànxiāng jiāméng diàn Lechianpo looks like a hot pot restaurant chain. A Chinese friend sent me this, so I don’t know the location or city of this place

却日起, 凡美国国籍游客用餐时须加收25%关税,凡请知晓! 若有不便,请咨询美国大使馆!
Què rì qǐ, Fán měiguó guójí yóukè yòngcān shí xū jiā shōu 25%guānshuì, fán qǐng zhīxiǎo! Ruò yǒu bùbiàn, qǐng zīxún měiguó dàshǐ guǎn!

For dining US tourists a 25% duty will be added to all meals. For further information please contact the US Embassy

POTUS Trump and China Relations: Attitude without Strategy

2019 Jan 15 Assessing U.S.-China relations 2 years into the Trump presidency by David Dollar, Ryan Hass, and Jeffrey A. Bader

-attitude without strategy
-common complaints against China:

discriminatory trade barriers, forced technology transfer, militarization of outposts in the South China Sea, pressure on Taiwan, human rights and religious freedom, government-sponsored cyber-enabled economic espionage, and Chinese interference in other countries’ political systems.

Government of Canada Changes Travel Advisory to China

After close to a month, where two Canadians were arbitrarily arrested in China, the Government of Canada has updated their travel advisory. Better late than never.

Latest updates: Risk level(s) – risk of arbitrary enforcement of local laws; Laws and culture – death penalty, penalties for drug-related offences

Government of Canada issues new travel advisory to China for arbitrary arrest, death penalty, 2019-jan-14

Government of Canada issues new travel advisory to China for arbitrary arrest, death penalty, 2019-jan-14

The US had issued a similar advisory:

Exercise increased caution in China due to arbitrary enforcement of local laws as well as special restrictions on dual U.S.-Chinese nationals.

China Punishes Canada for Huawei CFO US Extradition Request

Huawei, one of China’s large computer companies, has been accused of selling US computers to Iran. The US asked and planned with Canada to arrest Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, when she was on route from Hong Kong to Mexico. The arrest occurred on 2018 Dec 01. Shortly after this China arrested two Canadians in China fo “endangering national security”. They have not been heard from since. It is widely understood to be retribution against Canada by China for assisting the US for the arrest.

Abandon All Hope All Ye Canadians Who Enter Here. SCMP

Abandon All Hope All Ye Canadians Who Enter Here. SCMP

The first arrest was Canadian ex-diplomat Michael Kovrig, detained in China today for unknown reasons. The second Canadian was Michael Spavor, who runs an NGO specializing in tours to North Korea.

Why the trade war will usher in a long, drawn-out bear market: Andy Xie Article

This article “Why the trade war will usher in a long, drawn-out bear market, with stocks, bonds, credit and property all at risk” by Andy Xie took some time to think about.

Shakeout of Speculators
Historically low interest rates have allowed people to take out debt cheaply. These funds have been sued to purchase risky assets. This has led to speculation. Now that interest rates are rising this will force speculators to use more expensive funds to service their debt. Over leveraged companies will not survive.

US Mexico Canada Agreement USMCA, Article 32.10: Non-Market Country FTA Section

The US, Canada and Mexico have signed the USMCA, to be ratified by all, but pretty much done. One of the more controversial sections is Articles 32.10: Non-market Country FTA, designed to seemingly limit all three countries from having a free trade agreement with non-market countries, unnamed but specifically China. How does this work?

The actual Article 32.10 section is below in its entirety, quoted verbatim from the USMCA. Let us get to the important points.

Summary: If any USMCA country enters into a free trade agreement FTA with a non-market economy, the other USMCA countries could turn the USMCA into a bilateral agreement.

WordPress Trackback Spam Technique for Content Spamming

Recently I have been observing a different WordPress spam technique that uses WP trackbacks. This technique has some interesting characteristics that are unlike other types of spam, so my usual clues as to origin and banning method did not work. Fortunately this technique also has some unique characteristics that can be used to ban them. Fortunately.

WordPress Trackbacks
When one WP site links to another WP site, the WP sites communicate with each other using a method called trackbacks. The first site sends a trackback request to the second site. The second site posts the trackback as a special comment, which invites the user to click through to the first site. These trackbacks are automated, making it convenient for both sites.