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Facial Recognition AI Applications: China vs USA

Facial recognition sunglasses used by Chinese police in Zhengzhou, Henan Province during Chinese New Year.

Facial recognition sunglasses used by Chinese police in Zhengzhou, Henan Province during Chinese New Year.

Facial recognition software has been used in China for quite a while. China has used facial recognition software to scan large gatherings of people in an effort to capture known criminals. The benefit to greater society outweighs all privacy concerns. In North America, we value our privacy and do not want the authorities to accumulate vast amounts of facial recognition data. North Americans believe we should be able to walk around in public and not be recorded for whatever purpose.

Trade Wars and Strategies: China vs the World

It had to happen. It was predictable, and everyone saw it coming. Therefore it should not be a surprise that there is an impending trade war with China. Let’s discuss and document some of the issues.

China has grown stronger, and this is good. What is not good is their increasingly aggressive trade and military stances in the world. Their military buildup in the disputed South China Sea islands has antagonized all their neighbours and has destabilized the region. Using Chinese Coast Guard vessels to hassle indigenous Philippine fishermen, in their own waters, is not friendly. There are kidnappings of Chinese businessmen from Thailand, which is completely out of China’s jurisdiction. There are also Chinese influence and incursions into foreign politics that many countries such as Australia, find distasteful.

Kidde and Garrison Fire Extinguisher Recall in Canada: 2017 Nov

Yes, there is a fire extinguisher recall from Kidde and Garrison, but I found finding the list of affected models difficult to find. News agencies seem to relish reporting the news but do not provide the necessary links to look up your model.

US Government Kidde Recall notice: Includes something about “in ocnjunction with Canada”

Canadian government Recall notice for Kidde and Garrison fire extinguishers. Of course the health Canada site, referenced by most news agencies, has nothing about the recall, so this is a dead end.

Does a Country Have a Right to Kill its Citizens?

I am Canadian, so cannot help but be sympathetic to a Canadian viewpoint. This sympathy unconsciously biases my views and I do not apologize for this as it is normal. When I ask if a country has the right to kill its own citizens, I am specifically asking whether it is morally right for China or Russia to discipline and kill its own citizens.

In the Western context, which I am from, there have been recent cases where citizens have gone abroad to join foreign armies and have vowed to return home and kill their own citizens. In these cases the US and Britain have allowed their forces to kill their own citizens, citing self-defence and national security

The UN and North Korea: Using the Same Strategy and Failing

Sometimes you need to change course. Zag when you have previously ziged. And so it goes that Kom Jong Un and North Korea have splintered the UN. It is clear that economic sanctions are not effective against North Korea. The current sanctions, imposed in 2006 have been an abysmal failure, as North Korea displays its nuclear ambitions.

As the US and Trump shout ever louder, North Korea launches yet another test, making the US and the UN look like fools. After using one strategy one needs to reassess its effectiveness. It has been very clear that a pivot is required. The 11 year strategy of economic sanctions have not worked. The UN is no further ahead in convincing North Korea to stop their nuclear program.

Canada’s Response to a More Aggressive China? Silence

As Trump is mysteriously quiet about Russia, Trudeau is silent on China. It is very curious why the two of North America’s leaders are so silent. Is there no leader with the balls to speak about the blatantness of China? China’s increasingly aggressive behaviour includes:

  • Forced technological transfer to Chinese companies, if you wish to sell product in China
  • Claiming the South China Sea and all islands as Chinese, with historical reasoning.
  • blatant human rights abuses against not only their own citizens, but also those of Taiwan and Hong Kong
  • Tolerance of an increasingly nuclear North Korea

At least the US has representatives, though not Trump, that somewhat says censures China’s aggressive attitude to internationalization.

Chinese Demographics Benefit China but Hurts the West

It is no big news that for the majority of the 99% of regular people the last 10 years in North America has been economically tough. Our young have a difficult time finding stable employment. In fact finding stable work has been a challenge for quite a long time. Products from China undercut our domestic manufacturers who have largely gone out of business. Our kids will not have a better life than us. It is clear that larger forces than the Canadian environment are at play here.

US Anti-Scalper Bot Bill may soon come to Canada?

Want you do, to go to a concert, but just after the supposed start time for ticket sales, all the tickets are gone. You, again, have lucked out. Minutes later these tickets are all available on reseller sites for double the price. It really does sound like a scam. While the US just enacted a federal law, here in Ontario we are just starting the investigation phase. I hope that we can adopt something as strong as the US in order to keep an even keel with bot technology and online shopping safe.

Global Warming: Can First World Countries Do Their Share? No

Not new, global warming, as a topic for conversation. Oh no. But I fear that it may be unfair for First World countries to point the finger at developing countries around the world and tell them to reduce emissions. They have a valid point. Let us look at CO2 emissions per capita instead.

Talk about a huge inequality. Even in the top 10 countries for CO2 emissions per capita, the bottom 2, Poland and the UK, use less than half of the top 4 polluters.

Country CO2 Emissions Per Capita (t) 2013
Australia 16.9

Rethinking the Freedom of the Internet

Free, the Internet should be, freedom to express oneself, is the standard thinking of most people. No one should be able to censor content. All should be able to read whatever they wish, whatever they can find. China, with their “Great Firewall of China”, does censor content for their 1.4B citizens, and is widely condemned for their radical actions. I am rethinking censorship of the Internet. In light of the rise of ISIS and other terrorist organizations maybe we should consider censorship for certain situations.