Content Scraper: Research, Ban

Persistent this botnet is. It’s like a virus that mutates but does not go away. Or an itch you scratch but does not stop. has a content scraping bot going at my site that I need to stop. is part of a large Semalt-led botnet I am trying to remove. They have no website. The host addresses I receive on my access log do not resolve, and there’s nothing specific on Google. I’m just giving this a simple domain ban to see how it goes. They also have a huge number of IP blocks, as they are connected to Akamai in the US.

2016-Aug-23: Virtua has joined yet another content scraper botnet called It uses the exact same strategy as the other Semalt botnet

hex dual digit per octet

I figured out they are using hex values so will now reduce the ban ranges.

Owner: CLARO S.A.

These are the bots hitting my site so far: 191.188/14 referrer was 179.156/14 –

Research: CLARO – CLARO Claro – CLARO 179.212/14 Claro Claro claro CLARO CLARO Claro claro Claro CLARO CLARO CLARO 189.100/14 Claro CLARO 191.180/14 Claro CLARO Claro – AKAMAI

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