Ubuntu: Much ado about files

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Today I was organizing some files by adding subdirectories and somehow a directory disappeared. I have yet to find it. I was deleting multiple files, hit the key, ubuntu asked me to delete all, I said yes, and the files, as well the directory disappeared.

There was no more directory using “Files”. I tried:

  • TestDisk: easy download, tries to recover deleted files, but said there was nothing to undelete
  • Alternates to ls, such as “printf ‘%s\n’ .* *”
  • the locate command showed the directory, which I screencaptured, but then I found out that locate is from a database, updated with a daily chron
  • Dosfsck: my dos partition is vfat32, so this command is similar to a chkdsk. It ran for hours but came back with no bad sectors, but no files. “sudo dosfsck -t -a -v /dev/sdb1”
  • My directory had a space within the name, a bad habit, but should be Ok with ubuntu. I just needed to use a mask such as “ls part1\ part2”, or ls “part1 part2” and it should work. Still not a good habit.

Alas, my files are gone, or at least they are lost. I will learn from this.

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