Summer comes in winter, from Site5

I was researching all day on the web, hard at work looking at some new-to-me web technology and where it might lead the world. It’s all part of the fantastic world of web 2.0. There’s a 15% off sale for web hosting at Site5 that ends today. Dave says Site5 is good, and from what I’ve read they seem great. I sign up and in the middle of the transaction I wasn’t clear on an issue and clicked to the previous screen, when Summer popped up on my screen and cheerfully upped my discount to 20% off. Whoa, was I surprised, in the middle of my kitchen. Here she is.

I didn’t expect to get such a nice girl as Summer to visit me during my small financial transaction. It just goes to show you that no matter what you’re doing, a guy can always appreciate a bit of encouragement.site5summersmall2

1 thought on “Summer comes in winter, from Site5

  1. daviding

    That’s really interesting. Over at Intellichat, they’ve got a nice picture of Rina, who could brighten up your day as much as Summmer.

    When they say “virtual sales agent”, I presume that they really mean virtual … i.e. a software agent. It’s interesting that Intellichat says that they do pay for performance. Maybe there’s some brilliant psychologists in the back room.

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