Electric Vehicles: Not in Ontario

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GM-Segway concept electric vehicle

GM-Segway concept electric vehicle

Here’s a really cool concept vehicle that could go a long way in reducing our dependence on oil. The GM-Segway concept vehicle is small, light and efficient. It’s electric powered. The absence of a sunroof would make it an interesting cross between a car and a motorcycle.

___It will probably be illegal on Ontario roads. Look, no huge front bumper, so will not withstand crash tests. The front bumper looks like a piece of bent sheet metal.

___We from Ontario are over regulated and not a little. As the world moves forward we are denied new electric vehicles due to our over-cautious safety laws. It is not that all our vehicles are as safe as your full size Buick or Town car. We also have motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and bicycles that ply our streets. We even have electric bicycles. None of them have front bumpers that need to pass a safety crash test. They all take the same risks car drivers do when driving on our streets. Why is it that two wheeled vehicles are Ok on Ontario roads but not small electric vehicles?

The ZENN (zero emissions, no noise) electric car is roughly the size of a Mini-Cooper.The ZENN electric car seats two people and is roughly the size of a Mini-Cooper.     (Courtesy ZENN Motor Company)   Toronto-based ZENN Motor Company makes the 100 per cent electric car, which is built in St. Jerome, Que. Roughly the same size as the Mini-Cooper, ~ $14,000.

The ZENN (zero emissions, no noise) electric car is roughly the size of a Mini-Cooper, ~ $14,000.

___What happened to the personal choice of Canadians? Europe and Asia are very used to high gas prices and have changed accordingly to embrace smaller vehicles. They have so many more small cars than in North America, but also have a strong 2 wheeled tradition as well. I cannot say that most Canadians would embrace the small electric car market, but we now do not even have the choice.

___There is no question that small electric vehicles are not powerful enough to safely drive on a highway, but then again this is true for mopeds, small scooters and small motorcycles. These vehicles are therefore licensed differently. A small electric car can be similarly licensed.

___Interestingly, Canada already has two electric vehicle manufacturers, yet neither can legally sell cars in Ontario. It is sad in a way, when your home country is not broad minded enough to accept your own vehicle. Zenn and Dynasty have a rough road ahead in Ontario, and I wish them well. Maybe the Ontario government would rather wait for the offerings comping out of China?

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  1. David Ing

    Ontario is a little behind the times in thinking that the dominant form of vehicular transportation is a gasoline-powered automobile. But then, we’re living in a city where vendor carts have pretty much been restricted to selling only hot dogs, because raw meat grilled out in the open is considered to be a health risk.

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