Killing Java Quick Starter Completely

November 9th, 2009 by dontai

I hate when automatic software adds odds and ends to your system that seemingly does not have any benefit. Even more, I hate when they give you no option to disable it. I have almost as much hate for software that allows you to disable a function, but does not completely disable it, leaving you to clean up the residual mess. Such is the case with Sun Microsystem’s Java Quick Starter, automagically installed when you upgrade to Java 9. Sure you can uncheck the JQS box, but that is certainly not enough, as it leaves a trail of destruction for Firefox and a service that is stopped but not completely killed. Sun should really know better. Here is my 3 part kill method: uncheck the service, remove from Firefox, remove the service.

To stop the service, do a Start, Settings, Control Panel, Java, Advanced, Miscellaneous and uncheck the Java Quick Starter. The process “jqs” should now disappear. How it often pops up again is a mystery, one I do not like. I keep unchecking it and it still comes back. Annoying is when it returns and the jqs box is unchecked.

Are we done? Why no, because Java adds an add-on to Firefox and does not ask your permission. How rude. To kill this uninvited guest you need to edit your registry (Regedit), and find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Firefox\extensions\, where you will see and can therefore kill jqs (source).

Fire up HijackThis and you’ll STILL see jqs running as a service. How rude again! Fire up Msconfig, go to services and disable jqs. Save and it will be gone the next time you fire up HijackThis. If you run Win 2000 and don’t have Msconfig, get a copy from Win XP or download it and put it into your c:\winnt\system32\ directory (source).

And finally an end to the jqs saga. Oh yea, disable automatic update from java so you don’t have this trouble again.

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  1. Teri Greene Says:

    It might be a good idea to Start, Run, services.msc , and change Java Quick Starter from Automatic to Manual.

  2. dontai Says:

    Thanks for the tip Teri. I found a great explanation about services at

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