Public Inquiry Needed for Toronto 2010 G20

Blatant as blatant can be at the Toronto G20 Summit in June 2010. Police abuse and brutality, much caught on video or photos. Police use of the crowd control technique called “kettling”, which is not approved nor part of the training of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Abuse of the legal system to create a law that was not disclosed to the public and then abused by the police. Numerous cases of abuse of our rights to free speech, as documented by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. Frivolous spending of over $1 billion Canadian taxpayer dollars. Yet at Canada’s federal and Ontario provincial governments, refusal to call a public inquiry. We Canadians deserve much better. These politicians should be removed from office immediately. What more is physical abuse, political manipulation and financial bungling is needed to prompt a public inquiry here in Canada?

Are Canadians that passive to allow these atrocities to simply pass? We Canadians got a firm dose of reality check in June 2010. Should not those that were supposedly in the “wrong place at the wrong time” have their legal rights restored? We really need to fix this now so this does not happen again.

Canada cannot cast the first stone at international regimes who brutalize their citizens when we do the same in our own country. We are hypocritical.

Addendum Mar 01 2011: G20 ‘rights violations’ require public inquiry: report

Addendum May 31 2011: Toronto’s shame: Probe the G20 travesty

Addendum June 02 2011: Citizens urge review judge to get to bottom of G20

You are the upholder of the Charter right now,” Vikram Mulligan said, holding his gaze on Morden, [the retired judge leading the Toronto Police Services Board’s independent civilian review of the G20], a full second after he spoke.

Several people said they no longer trust Toronto police and called on Morden to restore confidence in the institution by making it more accountable to the public.

How many times do citizens need to ask in order to right this terrible violation of our Charter of Rights? Our Prime Minister has ignored the citizens of Toronto, and still won the election. Next up is the Premier of Ontario, with an election in October 2011.

1 thought on “Public Inquiry Needed for Toronto 2010 G20

  1. FireGuy

    I feel a public inquiry is needed to find out why so many people did not take the police seriously when they were told to move on Sunday. They have their rights they said…. When black bloc thugs rioted and vandalised property (stores, cars, hotels etc..) and very few “law abiding citizens” did anything to stop or document it the law abiding folk became part of the problem.

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