Little Weed gets back his Bedroom

After three weeks of sleeping in the basement living room, somewhat stateless with no place to store his clothes, Little Weed was finally able to return to his bedroom. It was a monumental event for him and a good step back to normalcy in our house. A stable home is so important for kids.

Our family lived in a rented apartment building until I was in my early teens. There was no issue of privacy nor of many worldly possessions. We simply did not have the space nor the money to buy many toys. Talking about our family situation to the Little Weed draws blank stares and a vacant look. Did I live on the same planet as we do now? Grow up in a house from birth and you know nothing else but house living. It really is difficult for him to contemplate apartment living, nor sharing a room.

Ten boxes of “stuff”, lots of plastic bags, models, Lego, Kinex, it all adds up, which all needs to be stored. His main concern when moving back in is not clothing, which he cares little, but of storage capacity. Where will he display his Hot Wheels collection without his shelving? How can he add more storage to his room? Where to display his models and Transformers?

Freshly painted, bed reassembled, it was time for a new and clean slate. The paint needs to cure, which will take a couple of days. We cannot add his shelving to the walls until this occurs. Put out he was, though in good spirit he did not show his annoyance. More shelving will come in due course.

There is nothing better than custom woodwork. The Little Weed now expects this. Route a curved groove longitudinally into a shelf, which allows his cars to not roll off. The wheels park in the groove and they stop, as they should. This is how Hot Wheels should be displayed, from the Book of Little Weed. Unfortunately “Hot Wheels ready shelving” is not readily available at the Big Box stores. One must set up the router and do it oneself, followed by cutting to length, sanding and sealing. Yet for the Little Weed this how one stores Hot Wheels, and is part of his expectations for living.

New lighting is being considered, halogens that can point where he wants. There is no “if” but “when”.

At least he is happy with his newly painted and drywalled room. The baseboard looks pretty nice. As always, expectations are high.

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