Dell Inspiron Mini 1M10V 1011: Memory Upgrade

Dell Inspiron Mini IM10v 1011, memory upgrade to 2G really made the difference. Processes are runnig much faster now.

Dell Inspiron Mini IM10v 1011, memory upgrade to 2G really made the difference. Processes are runnig much faster now.

My Aunt gave me this tiny 10″ mini laptop, running Win XP, that simply would not even boot up properly. I spent the time to clean it up, and it cleaned up pretty good. Still it was running very slow, even after killing off many unneeded processes, so I decided to upgrade the RAM from 1G to 2G. It really makes the laptop bearable, if not snappy.

The memory I bought was a Kingston KTH-ZD8000C6/2G, 2GB 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM, Unbuffered DDR2 800 (PC2 6400), 1.8v. I bought from a sketchy Hong Kong office that I found on Kijiji, here in Scarborough, Toronto, Canada. I was expecting a computer store of sorts, but found 2 old Chinese guys in a back room, office lights off, and lots of laptop carcasses around. He tested the memory on an HP laptop with a broken screen and an external monitor. Typical Chinese return policy: cash, no returns, no refunds. You really need to do your homework before you go to them.

This Youtube video from Orbiter8 (John), really helped. Yes, it is a 20 minute video. At first I thought it was excessive, but this memory upgrade was the most complex that I have ever done, and I’ve done a couple. No simple “open the memory access door, pop the new memory in” here, oh no. You need to rip the whole computer apart, remove battery, wireless card, hard disk, keyboard, touch pad, and actually remove the motherboard. The memory slot is on the underside of the motherboard. Who designs their computer like that?

Allocate at least 20 minutes to do this memory upgrade, and have 6 cups available for screws for the different steps, as each step has different sized screws! Be careful and go slow. There are very small delicate parts under the hood. If you feel like getting ham fisted, get a hammer and whack a rock outside, and leave this upgrade for another day.

Anyway, enough complaining, as you really only need to do this once. I found that my laptop was running at close to 960MB ram, so my 1G was fast topping out, thus slowing down all processes. Now that I have 2G there is a lot of ceiling to go.

Whereas on QQ I could not even think about video chat, now it is possible to try.

Great! My laptop is now running much faster. I do not run out of memory any more, topping out at 1.2G or so.

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