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Referrer Botnet | 2017 Feb 25

This botnet’s purpose is to add referrer links to your Google Analytics, in the hopes that the webmaster or site owner will click on the link. They will then be exposed to an internet virus. Please do not click on any referrer spam link, as it is dangerous. I always copy the link and paste it into Google search first, to see if the site is dangerous.

New Host Provider, No IP Bans for 21 hrs

Moved, I did, from Site5, to A2. The last 21 hrs was a wet and wild ride all without the protection of my trusty .htaccess file, the one with my Ip ban list. Within that time, 21 hrs, I received a total of 33 spam comments. Usually I receive only one or two. It is clear that without protection I would be inundated by comment spam.

Of course these IPs are only the ones that comment spammed me. There are many more that use their bots to do content scraping, trying to break into my site, trick my host provider, etc. There are too many to list.