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Windows XP Bug Fix Against WannaCry Ransomware Attack, not for Home Edition

I have an old Win XP machine inherited from a neighbour. We use it to play videos on our TV. Microsoft issued a bug fix against the Wannacry ransomware attack, the one that encrypts your data, for Win XP SP3.

I downloaded the bug fix and only then found out that the Win XP Home edition, which I have, is excluded. I have Win XP SP3, just not the right Win XP SP3.


Referrer Botnet | 2017 Feb 25

This botnet’s purpose is to add referrer links to your Google Analytics, in the hopes that the webmaster or site owner will click on the link. They will then be exposed to an internet virus. Please do not click on any referrer spam link, as it is dangerous. I always copy the link and paste it into Google search first, to see if the site is dangerous.

Microsoft POST Spamming me, but Why?

Puzzled, I am, when Microsoft spams me, and they are pretty regular visitors. After all, Microsoft owns the Bing search engine, and I let Bing freely crawl my site. So why would they want to spam me, and do it so often, using multiple ways? inquiring minds want to know.

Usually I see Microsoft come in using a missing user agent, pretty stealthily, and as I want all visitors to be identifiable, I ban them. They change IPs and do this regularly. Then there are the tor exit servers owned by Microsoft. I suppose that having Tor exit servers is Ok, as they are used by everyone.