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Gedit: Add New Highlight Mode for .htaccess

Highlight modes are dependent on the file types you are editing. They are useful because they highlight different types of text into different colours. For example it is useful to put all comments into a specific colour. Important language specific keywords can be highlighted in a different colour. Usability wise your brain will then be able to ignore unimportant text and concentrate on important text, simply by colour.

I work a lot with .htaccess files in Ubuntu 16.04, so wanted a highlight mode for .htaccess. Someone has created one and was available for download, called apache.lang. Unfortunately I could not find out how to put this download into the right directory. Here are my instructions.

Motorcycle Headlight Configuration and Conspicuity

Being seen by other motor vehicles is a critical safety factor when riding a motorcycle. Most rely on a single front headlight. There seem to be great safety disadvantages to this design. What other options could enhance safety?

Most motorcycles rely on a single white headlight for both illumination and conspicuity. Now that there is a law in North America that all cars must have daytime running lights, a motorcycle’s single white headlight may be lost on other drivers.