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The Fallacy that Canadians Want Smaller Cars

As a nation Canadians talk large about the need to conserve energy and treat Mother Nature with more respect, i.e. let’s not continually hurt her. In many examples, recycling of food and consumer packaged goods comes to mind, here in Toronto I feel we are doing a very good job. Yet when you look around out streets I continually see a large proportion of very big personal vehicles such as SUVs. These new vehicles, while professing energy efficiency, do the exact opposite when used only by a single driver.

Paying Lip Service to Conserving Gas

Cycle Commuting in Sydney, Australia

Cycle Commuting in Sydney, Australia

It is clearly evident by the popularity of large SUVs here in Toronto that many Canadians here merely pay lip service to conserving the world’s diminishing gas supplies.

I see them every day driving their large vehicles to work, the only person in their SUV. Do they think they impress other people? Maybe they feel good driving such a monster? I’m not sure, but they certainly waste a whole lot more gas than they should.