Neilson Dairy Yogurt Being Discontinued

Neilson Dairy in Canada will discontinue yogurt production. Damn.

Neilson Dairy in Canada will discontinue yogurt production. Damn.

Why I cannot say, but Neilson Dairy‘s yogurt here in Canada is being discontinued. I know this because I have been trying to find their yogurt for about a week now and there is none to be had. Today I called Neilson’s toll free line (1-800-672-8866) and was told the yogurt line has been discontinued. No reason stated. No alternative product suggested.

I only see the consumer end of the product, but this yogurt was never on sale and was in high demand. We buy 8 of the 175g Fat Free yogurt containers at once, because they sell out quickly. If you did not get to the big box grocer in the morning, often times the yogurt would be sold out. Weekly. This has occurred for years.

There must be a very good reason why Neilson would discontinue a popular product line without introducing an alternative product. We have no choice but to change over to Beatrice, which does not have a fat free line at NoFrills. If you are unhappy with their decision to discontinue yogurt production call their toll free line and share your opinion.

10 thoughts on “Neilson Dairy Yogurt Being Discontinued

  1. Jessica B

    I am so upset about this. I am also a huge fan of the Neilson yogurt – specifically, the Vanilla Low Fat Fresh Flavors. I contacted Saputo (they now own the Neilson name) and was also informed that they have discontinued the line. I also contact Loblaws and the informed me that the Neilson line was discontinued but that they would be launching Foremost yogurt…any idea if Foremost is anything like Nielson?

  2. dontai Post author

    I have never seen nor heard of Foremost yogurt, but some research reveals that Foremost Dairy is a very large dairy cooperative in Wisconsin.

    Foremost Farms is a dairy cooperative owned by about 3,760 dairy farmer-members in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. In 2003, they supplied nearly 5 billion pounds of milk. We’re among the top 10 dairy cooperatives in the United States in terms of milk volume, with sales over $1.2 billion in 2003.

    …In 1984, the cooperative acquired the whey operations, research library, patents and rights to the Foremost name in the United States and Canada from McKesson.

    Foremost Dairies has also been certified for kosher dairy for Western Grocers, Edmonton for their 1% stirred plain yogurt.

    Still, all this research means nothing until we are able to purchase and try their yogurt. In the mean time I still cannot find a product substitute for Neilson Fat Free yogurt.

  3. Ontmum

    I am so upset over this decision. I have problems eating most dairy products and this is the only yogurt I found that did not bother me. Am not the least bit interested in trying anything else simply bc it took me about a year of trying all different kinds of yougurt before I discovered this worked. I was eating 2 a day most days and I miss them in my diet terribly. I really hope the company will reconsider and bring back our yougurt.

  4. saskaboom

    I have tried the Foremost brand yogurt in its bland looking packaging; well, bland compared to the Neilson design, where there are images of the fruit. I find the Foremost yogurt to be very similar to Neilson in terms of the texture and flavour with its slight acidity and not being overly sweet.

    Price-wise, the 175 g size are on sale at Superstore/west and Extra Foods/west at 3/$1 this week until March 31/11

  5. dontai Post author

    Thanks for the Info Saskaboom. I am assuming that the prices provided are for Saskachewan.

    I have not seen Foremost yogurt for sale here in Ontario. We recently were able to bulk purchase 36 175g containers of Astro Zero, which was acceptable to my wife, but after this batch is gone we will be out of luck. Astro Zero is not widespread here in Toronto. The search continues.

  6. dontai

    Ridiculous! It has been two months since Neilson has discontinued their yogurt line and my local big box grocer still has no appropriate substitute. I am forced to buy 100g containers instead of 175g ones. As well I cannot get the flavour my wife likes. Manufacturers are forcing me to buy 4 types of flavours in the same packaging. Not the right quantity and not the right flavours means I will not buy their yogurt.

  7. Joanne Jones

    I’m not amused that the only yogurt we like gets the bums rush with no explanation.No one says why they don’t get it or what the score is.
    I hope Neilsons gets it back on the shelves some time soon its the only yogurt we like ,the stirred kind is best.Please bring it back.I’m disappointed in this,very much so.

  8. William

    We too are very disappointed to hear Neilson’s line of yoghurt is being phased out.
    The reason may be a lack of productive sales outlets inasmuch as Metro stopped carrying their yoghurt 2. Or more years ago.
    Hopefully our collective voices will encourage the wise men/ women at Neilson’s to reconsider.

    [Don: Hi Bill, We’ve essentially given up on Nielson. Their 100mg multi-flavoured packs have at least 1 and sometimes 2 flavours my wife detests. Rarely we are able to buy 4 packs of strawberry only, and we do. Otherwise we have switched to plain 0% yoghurt and flavour it ourselves.


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