Joblessness and a Generational Divide

To be close in thinking to oldsters that have lived through the Depression is uncommon. Yet I see this happening today. Youth and the tail end of the Baby Boomers cannot find work, yet the Baby Boomers are still hammering the youth saying that if you persevere and work hard you will get that job. It is not so easy when you are down. Clarity from this article In tough economic times, personal drive goes only so far does help identify the problem though.

Baby Boomers, who have jobs, hammer the youth and the unemployed by saying they need only to work harder to find work. In reality we apply for jobs and do not get the opportunity to shine. What is really irksome is the arrogant attitude of Baby Boomers and their condescension of those without work. People in general, are not lazy and do not graduate from university, after which they slack off and therefore not find work. Having employment is a basic need, for which we all base our lives on. Without work means without income and therefore without money to raise our families and carry on with our lives. Life goes on hold and psychological issues arise.

In the past I have often heard the Depression era oldsters talk about the importance of luck in your life, especially when it comes to business opportunity and advancement. Baby Boomers think individuality, not luck. Now that the graduating youth of today are trying and ore often than not, failing to find work, I am hearing an echo of the Depression oldsters. Striking, really.

Individual effort is very important, no doubt, but without some luck, there will be no opportunity to shine and show your talents. Everyone needs a bit of luck. Does luck have more to do with destiny than hard work, I do not know. All I know is I am in need of some. This Christmas season starkly clarifies the need.

Those Depression era oldsters are really smart, shaped by their environment and experiences. I guess the youth of today should take note and learn from their elders, just not from the Baby Boomers.

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