hn.kd.dhcp Content Spammer: Research, Ban

hn.kd.dhcp is spamming my site, so I need to remove it. This guy has been around for quote a while and has a long list of IPs, but not so long a list of IP ranges. This spammer runs out of Henan Province, China, but has used Jilin, Chongqing, Guangdong, and Shanghai

These may be related: hn.kd.ny.adsl;; hn.kd.dhcp

Observation: hn.kd.dhcp 2017-jan-04 hn.kd.dhcp hn.kd.dhcp 2016-oct-06 hn.kd.dhcp

Research: – China Unicom Henan – China Unicom Henan CNCGROUP China169 Backbone – CNC Group CHINA169 Jilin – CHINANET Chongqing – CHINANET Guangdong – Chinanet shanghai – China Unicom Henan

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