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hn.kd.dhcp Content Spammer: Research, Ban

hn.kd.dhcp is spamming my site, so I need to remove it. This guy has been around for quote a while and has a long list of IPs, but not so long a list of IP ranges. This spammer runs out of Henan Province, China, but has used Jilin, Chongqing, Guangdong, and Shanghai

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Observation: hn.kd.dhcp 2017-jan-04 hn.kd.dhcp hn.kd.dhcp 2016-oct-06 hn.kd.dhcp

Research: – China Unicom Henan

hn.kd.ny.adsl: Research, Ban

This guy hn.kd.ny.adsl seems innocent enough, until I tried to look him up, only to find no positive IP address. Others have posted that they, too, cannot find his IP address in order to ban him. Hmmm, let me track him down.

This hacker is prolific in that he rarely repeats the third octet, making it harder to ban by a narrower range. You’ll need to go up to the second octet to cover his IP ranges. He uses predominantly China Unicom Henan. Only once did he go to China Unicon Fujian, which might just be an outlier data point.