Reducing Fat for Guys over 40: Important Hormones

These hormones are important to burning fat, especially belly visceral fat

  • cortisol: stress hormone, fight or flight response, should peak in morning, gradually reduce in evening, melatonin increases to aid sleep, decrease.
    -Long and slow cardio workouts boosts cortisol,leads to muscle loss, so avoid, increases cortisol levels, increases appetite
    -lack of sleep: increases cortisol
    -low carb diets increase cortisol

  • estrogen: female hormone, suppresses T, decrease
  • insulin: keep insulin levels low, reduce carbs and sugars. intermittent fast resets insulin levels
  • testostrone: burns fat, give us energy, builds muscle, boost
    -you need cholesterol, which turns into T; low fat diets shrink T
    -resistance training: short metabolic workouts, burns energy after
    -T is created at night, so need good night’s sleep

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2018 Jan 11 When you lose weight, your fat cells don’t just let go of fat: Fat stores toxins, hormones, vitamins, contaminants.

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