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Reducing Fat for Guys over 40: Important Hormones

These hormones are important to burning fat, especially belly visceral fat

  • cortisol: stress hormone, fight or flight response, should peak in morning, gradually reduce in evening, melatonin increases to aid sleep, decrease.
    -Long and slow cardio workouts boosts cortisol,leads to muscle loss, so avoid, increases cortisol levels, increases appetite
    -lack of sleep: increases cortisol
    -low carb diets increase cortisol

  • estrogen: female hormone, suppresses T, decrease
  • insulin: keep insulin levels low, reduce carbs and sugars. intermittent fast resets insulin levels
  • testostrone: burns fat, give us energy, builds muscle, boost
    -you need cholesterol, which turns into T; low fat diets shrink T
    -resistance training: short metabolic workouts, burns energy after
    -T is created at night, so need good night’s sleep

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Insulin is a Hormone that tells Cells to burn carbs and not Fat

This is an interesting theory, and a very minority one. The traditional theory is that obesity is caused by a person’s lack of will power, where if you don’t eat you won’t gain weight. This theory, the Carbohydrate-Insulin Model (CIM) of obesity, says that insulin is a hormone. When you eat carbs or sugar, insulin kicks in and tells your cells to burn carbs and not fat. You therefore crave more carbs and accumulate and not burn fat.

Remove Thick Vans Shoe Tongue: Step by Step

Vans Hawaiian Ocean shoes. They have really thick tongues. We removed the thick foam.

Vans Hawaiian Ocean shoes. They have really thick tongues. We removed the thick foam.

Like, Little Weed did, his new Vans shoes. The box says they are the Hawaiianocean model. What he did not realize and regretted was the super thick tongue that came with the shoe. Here is how to remove it.

The Vans Hawaiian Ocean model comes with a super thick and squishy tongue. It makes it harder to securely tie up your shoe laces. Little Weed wanted this thick tongue removed, so I did.

Obesity, Supersizing and the Poison that is Sugar

Could we be poisoning ourselves with the supposedly benign substance we consume, that we call sugar? There are a lot of mysteries that plague our society: rampant obesity, the prevalence of diabetes, and many new heath scares. I saw The Men Who Made us Fat on tv yesterday, and it was shocking. You can watch the ,a href=”https://vimeo.com/search?q=The+men+who+made+us+fat”>3 part series in Vimeo.

Obesity is rampant. It is even seen in elementary school kids. This is shocking. Kids run all day and play like, well, kids. How can they become overweight? While I continue to struggle to loose a little more, and to not put more on, I am puzzled by what I see around me. Is it inevitable for us to become obese when past generations did not have this problem? Is this a first-world problem?

What’s Your Beef?

$1.20/lb ground beef, with onion

$1.20/lb, 1.5 lbs of ground beef, browned with onions

If you are what you eat, then we are certainly not cow. At least not much, anyway. We’re not really big beef eaters, and never were. Hopefully this will bring us good luck in the Chinese year of the Cow, which starts on Monday.

It did not help when we learned of the Canadian mad cow scare, where the brains and spinal cords of cows were put back into cow feed. That’s bovine cannibalism, which is crazy when you think that cows are herbivores. Yes, mankind did lend a helping hand. The Canadian government did not even heed the learnings and warnings from Britain, where there was a huge and disastrous mad cow outbreak. Even Japan warned us. I guess our Japanese isn’t as good as it should be.