Most Advanced Yet Acceptable: Maya

Change can be jolting for anyone. Huge change can be very disorienting for anyone, and can make people panic. That said, keeping everything the same is gets boring, so we do need change. Most Advanced Yet Acceptable (MAYA) was invented by Raymond Loewy, a European immigrant from the early 1900s, and a great industrial designer.

The concept has far reaching applications and implications. Radical change is too tough for people to accept. Change needs a bit of familiarity to be accepted, but also some novelty to be enticing. Radical change can only be accepted with numerous intermediate steps. The article has some really great examples of innovation progression, very worthy to note.

These are not Marvel’s infinity loops of sequels, which forge new installments of old stories. They are more like narrative Trojan horses, in which new characters are vessels containing classic themes—surprise serving as a doorway to the feeling of familiarity, an aesthetic aha.

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