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Git Workflow from the Beginning

Brilliant, is Git. GIT is a staging and deployment process and tool, for those working in a team simultaneously on the same project. While it is a bit daunting in the beginning, after you use it the process becomes second nature. I’m only starting, so it is appropriate for me to document my learning process, which might help others.

While git is used mostly for software development, where each team member can work on code simultaneously, it really facilitates team collaboration of any project. Two people can work on the same document, individually commit their work, and send it back to the server for someone else to approve and then merge.

Hexo from the Beginning

Hexo is a tool that allows the writer to create a web site using markdown. The web site is made of flat files, without a database. This type of web site is extremely simple, efficient, fast and hackproof. Check out my Gitlab test page.

Node.js PPA
You need to install node.js, a software package that uses javascript. For me on Ubuntu 16.04 it was painful, because the install scripts from Nodejs.org did not work, and installed a back-level version, 4.2.6, vs the most current 6.9.5. Dave helped me install.