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Debian 8 Jessie Linux and Enlightenment E17 on an Old Desktop

My search continues for possible Linux operating systems for an old desktop. I have successfully installed Puppy Linux Tahrpup 6.0.5 and it runs very well. I wondered if a fresh Debian 8 Jessie server install coupled with a lightweight desktop such as Enlightenment E17 would work. I was pleasantly surprised. It does.

My old desktop is circa 2003, so about 14 years old. I say circa because it originally came with Windows ME, of year 2000 vintage. The desktop is a Pentium 3 800 mhz, 500mb ram and some disk, partitioned for multiple Linux test distributions. It can boot up from a CD but not a USB. I want these Linux installs to be as small as possible, preferably below the 2G disk mark. I allocated 4G for the root partition.

Hexo from the Beginning

Hexo is a tool that allows the writer to create a web site using markdown. The web site is made of flat files, without a database. This type of web site is extremely simple, efficient, fast and hackproof. Check out my Gitlab test page.

Node.js PPA
You need to install node.js, a software package that uses javascript. For me on Ubuntu 16.04 it was painful, because the install scripts from Nodejs.org did not work, and installed a back-level version, 4.2.6, vs the most current 6.9.5. Dave helped me install.

I moved my Blog to DonTai.com

Today I moved my blog from dontai.Wordpress.com to my own hosting space on Site5, primarily because I wanted to experiment with the dizzying variety of themes and plugins. WordPress.com was gracious enough to host me, but I think I was about to outstay my welcome. I wanted to download themes and install plugins, which i could not do. The basic functionality was there, but flexibility was not.

I sure was not disappointed. I only got around to looking at the first 10 pages of themes, and the first 10 pages of plugins. There sure are a number of very busy WordPress themers out there.