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Manjaro Arch Linux Architect 17.0.2 Net Install for an Old Computer: Not so Easy

I have been trying to install the Manjaro Architect 17.0.2 OS, but have been getting only minor successes. This iso is not for the beginner. I have an old 14 year old circa 2003 P3 800 desktop, 500mb ram, which can currently run Puppy Tahr Linux as well as Debian 8 Jessie with the Enlightenment E17 desktop. I had originally wanted to load the Enlightenment E17 desktop, which I could not find. I was able to load E20, but it was far too slow to run. I deleted E20. Then I tried the minimal LXQt, which did not start. Now I’m having to reinstall Manjaro from scratch and will try to install LXQt from their disk.

Bohdi Linux Legacy 4.2.0 Installation Failure

It should have been easy. After all, I had successfully installed its base components on another partition, but no, it did not go well. I have an old P3 800, 500mb ram desktop of circa 2003 vintage, so 14 years old. Bohdi Linux is supposed to be a lightweight distro for old computers. It did not install very well on my old biddy.

Bohdi Linux 4.2.0 Legacy is 32 bit and runs on a base of Debian Linux 8 or 9, with an Enlightenment E17 desktop environment. On top of this Bohdi Linux packages things up, adds its own flavouring and spices, and is supposed to be a low spec distro. Here are its install requirements:

Debian 8 Jessie Linux, Enlightenment E17 desktop: Add Chinese input

This time instead of trying SCIM or Ibus I just went for FCITX. After the initial install of Debian 8 Jessie’s fcitx-sunpinyin package, I had to do only a couple of command line statements, and it configured properly. This gave me a crude but working simplified Chinese input and display. Though it looks out of place with the slickness of Enlightenment E17, I am fine with it.

Here is some general info from debian fcitx and from fcitx.org, Configure and
Config Input Mode. Here are some FCITX instructions from Arch


Debian 8 Jessie Linux and Enlightenment E17 on an Old Desktop

My search continues for possible Linux operating systems for an old desktop. I have successfully installed Puppy Linux Tahrpup 6.0.5 and it runs very well. I wondered if a fresh Debian 8 Jessie server install coupled with a lightweight desktop such as Enlightenment E17 would work. I was pleasantly surprised. It does.

My old desktop is circa 2003, so about 14 years old. I say circa because it originally came with Windows ME, of year 2000 vintage. The desktop is a Pentium 3 800 mhz, 500mb ram and some disk, partitioned for multiple Linux test distributions. It can boot up from a CD but not a USB. I want these Linux installs to be as small as possible, preferably below the 2G disk mark. I allocated 4G for the root partition.