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Working with a Tyrant: Governing from Within

This New York Times editorial is gutsy and calls out Donald Trump. It is well overdue. The lack of truth, the fabricated truth, no truth, all adds up to either you disregard reality and go Trump, or you question how this administration can come to pass.

All ages have their tyrants. They are psychopaths that can be charismatic and draw followers into his fold. I worked for one but they quickly removed me. You either believe or they chew you up and spit you out. This is where you find out if you have the backbone to stand up for who you believe you are and how you were brought up, or fold into the morass.

2017 May 22 Manchester Bomber’s Battery

The Manchester Bomber used a Yuasa 12v 2.1aH lead acid battery

The Manchester Bomber used a Yuasa 12v 2.1aH lead acid battery

Some guy blew himself up in Manchester, Britain, at a music concert. Lots of people were killed and severely injured. How someone can blow themselves up in a crowded concert full of young kids is beyond me. I was very shocked at the lack of humanity.

Crime scene photos of the event were released by the New York Times, photos of the bomber’s backpack and battery. I should not be able to view these images on the web. How an active crime scene can be so compromized is beyond me. I am sure the British police are just livid, as this is an active crime. Someone should be fired for the leak.