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Rob, Replicate, Replace: One of China’s Industrial Policy

This is not new, and consistently comes up in articles about China. Is rob, replicate, replace used by China to unfairly compete on the international market?

1. Rob: The Chinese government forces foreign companies to do joint ventures with Chinese companies, thus forcing technological transfer to the Chinese side. Intellectual property rights in China are extremely weak.

2. Replicate: Chinese companies then learn how to manufacture these products for export.

3. Replace: Chinese companies then dissolve the joint venture, and start a new company to manufacture the same product.

Is it as simple as this?

Honda Fit Car 6MT 2016: Replace Clutch Interlock Switch

My Honda Fit six speed manual transmission 6MT has been very reliable these last 5 years. It is fuel efficient, the magic seats helps hauls stuff really well, and is very reliable. Recently when I’ve tried to start the car, I’d press the clutch, turn the key and the car would not start. If I fiddled with the clutch, up and down, it would then start. I’d charge the battery and even then the problem persisted. Pressing the clutch down before starting the car is a safety feature, so that if the car does start it does not accidentally lurch forward. This is a safety feature. The clutch interlock switch is depressed by the clutch, and the car starts. This is how to replace your clutch interlock switch.

Replacing the 4 Wire Phone Plug for a Smartphone Headset: Hints and Tips

Replacement 3.5mm 4 connector headphone jack, varnish, shrink wrap, new jack completed, Photo 05 by Don Tai.

Replacement 3.5mm 4 connector headphone jack, varnish, shrink wrap, new jack completed, Photo 05 by Don Tai.

After many years of careful use, the headset that came with a long gone Blackberry smartphone lost sound in the right ear. If I wiggled it “just so” the sound would reappear, but with any further movement the sound would again be gone. It was clear that the wire would need to be cut back and the 3.5mm phone plug would need to be replaced. Because I do like the feel and the quality of the headset and mic, this was worthwhile to repair.

Changing your main water shutoff valve: Toronto

The human body is composed of roughly 80% water. To say that fresh water is vital to our existence is quite true. Living in Toronto, Canada, we get our drinking water from our municipal water purification plant and water supply piping system. While those in condominiums and large apartments rely on property management companies to worry about these minute details, the rest of us that live in houses must fend for ourselves. Municipal water arrives from a pipe deep underground, protected from the frost. There is a water shutoff on your front lawn, as well as main water shutoff inside your house. If your main water shutoff has seized shut or open and you cannot turn it in either direction, you will need to replace it. Without a way to shut off the water in your house you risk flooding your house if a water pipe bursts, for whatever reason. Here is how to change your main water shutoff in Toronto, Canada.