Misrepresenting a Guitar and Amp for Sale in Whitby, ON, Canada

Sometimes you meet a person that you feel is so out of touch with the world, you wonder how they live. This is what I feel about Tommy, whom I met yesterday. Tommy advertised a guitar and an amp on Kijiji in Toronto, Canada, so I went to take a look. When I got to his door, he wanted to hand me the guitar and amp and take my money, transaction completed. His Dad seemed to not want to let me into his house to test the guitar and amp. The guitar was severely damaged in multiple ways, not disclosed in the ad. The amp he handed me was not remotely close to the brand name amp shown in his Kijiji ad photo. On top of that he cussed off his Mom when I was there, and his Dad was swearing like a drunken sailor in a nearby room. Misrepresentation of the ad shows you are a real douchbag, Tommy.

Buying a guitar is unlike buying flowers or a snow shovel. Guitars and amps need to work. If you are selling a guitar and amp you should expect that buyers will want to demonstrate that your guitar and amp does indeed work. This means you need to let people into your house to do this testing. Yesterday, in -8C and snow on your front doorstep, this was not possible outside. Are you freaking kidding me, that you did not know this? I have an expectation to test the guitar in a reasonable environment. If it was summer I would not mind outside, but in winter I expect to do this where there is some heat. If you cannot provide a reasonable environment to test, then disclose this in your ad. Better still, do not sell on Kijiji.

You should also tell your Dad that you are selling a guitar and amp, and that by selling you will need to let prospective sellers into your house. I am not there to see your stuff or for my enjoyment, only to buy what you advertised. Your dad should also not threaten prospective sellers by saying there is a vicious dog in the house. If you cannot get cooperation with your Dad, then do not advertise and sell anything that requires entry into your house. I would actually prefer buying from someone else.

Some things you should not need to explain because they are so obvious, but here it goes. Tommy, the photo you put up in your Kijiji ad MUST correspond with the products you are selling. If you put a disclaimer on your ad stating that the photo is not your guitar and amp, then this gives people a heads up. You did not add a disclaimer to your ad photo. By posting an ad photo that is completely different from what you are selling, this is fraudulent. You misrepresent your product to prospective buyers and when buyers travel to your house and see the actual crap you are selling, they will get mad. Fraudulent and misrepresentation in photos and ads is morally and legally wrong. Do not do this. Needless to say, but you are not too swift so I will state it, you will not get your full advertised price when you misrepresent your products, no matter what you have promised your friends.

The guitar is black and you did not provide disclosure that you put acetone on the finish and damaged it badly. You need to state this in your ad, and provide a photo of the damage. You did not think that sellers would notice? Normal wear and tear on a guitar is expected, but marring the finish so badly due to incompetence needs disclosure. Buyers do not like surprises, as when what they are expecting is not what they get.

The tone knob does not work, and spins when turned. You also did not disclose this major issue in your Kijiji ad. Do you think that buyers will not notice? There are only two knobs on the guitar, volume and tone. For heaven’s sake, man, get a brain. You epoxied in the tone control, the knob no longer can come off, the nut that holds the pot to the outside of the guitar has come loose and spins freely. This requires getting a new pot for the tone control. If you damage the guitar like this and it requires the seller to repair it, this is an important fact and needs to be disclosed. You failed to do this, again.

Treat your Mom with some respect. There is nothing that makes a prospective buyer more uneasy than disrespecting your Mom. She was nice to you, and genuinely interested in what you were doing. She greeted us nicely and showed us respect. You told her to get lost, multiple times, in a blunt way. I know that this has nothing to do with selling your guitar and amp, or misrepresenting your products, but you are an ignoramus. Yes, you can tell me to mind my own business. You have that right.

The loser that is you continues. You advertised you were selling a 10 watt amp. Your Kijiji ad showed a Fender amp with one input, 7 knobs and two other jack outputs, probably one for headphones and one for a footswitch. I show up to your house and you are selling me a 10 watt no name generic Chinese amp, one imput, 4 knobs, no other outputs? No, these amps are not the same. Doufus, all guitar amps are not the same. Some are expensive and some are cheap. This is because quality varies. This is why you have name brands. You did not disclose that this amp was not the one in your Kijiji ad photo. Not even close. You misrepresented your product.

The denials need to stop, Tommy. I know you are young, but saying ad nauseum that you do not know anything about guitars, this is not your guitar, it is someone else’s problem, will not do. This is your ad, take responsibility for it. You are lazy. I asked you for the model number of the guitar and told you where to find it on the guitar. All you needed to do is turn the guitar over and there is was, on the back of the headstock. It is not rocket science, Tommy, not at all. Selling items on Kijiji takes some work, work that you obviously do not want to do. There was a lot of interest in your ad because you misrepresented your products. If these buyers all came to your house they would all be very angry.

I know you are not too bright, Tommy, so here is a simple list to follow the next time you sell something on Kijiji or elsewhere:

  1. The ad photo must be of what you are selling. EXACTLY. If you cannot do this, then state this in the ad. Get the best photo you can, and be honest with buyers.
  2. Disclose any major damage to sellers. Beyond the expected normal wear and tear, this is just being honest. Sellers will find out if you are lying when they see the product, and there’s no need to have sellers get mad at you.
  3. If a buyer asks you a question, and if you can easily answer it by looking on the product, give them a proper answer. Do not be lazy, make up excuses and not provide answers. Buyers are genuinely interested in what you are selling.
  4. Tell your Dad that you are selling something, and that sellers will want to enter your house. Your Dad should treat prospective buyers with some courtesy. If you cannot do this, do not sell used goods at your house.

Other smaller but not insignificant details:

  • Take responsibility for your ad. You put it up, this is your name and reputation, why damage it for no good reason. Take responsibility for your life. Do not blame everyone else for things that go badly that have or have not done.
  • Be nicer to your Mom. She was nice to you, and interested in what you are doing. You obviously take her for granted. She is not trash for you to step on.

I was initially very miffed that you were so dishonest and that my Eldest was with me to witness your dishonesty. No one wants to expose their kids to bad things, but she learned something yesterday, and I assure you that she will not make the same mistakes that you did. Tommy Ramsden, you need to smarten up.

3 thoughts on “Misrepresenting a Guitar and Amp for Sale in Whitby, ON, Canada

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  2. David Ing

    Don, dealing with an inauthentic vendor in person at least serves as a lesson for your daughter. Your caution in actually meeting the seller in person illustrates that not everyone can be trusted.

    In my family, I’ve been discouraging the use of online marketplaces with the two extreme exceptions that (i) the product is not available by any other means, and (ii) the price is so low that the buyer won’t care if the product is not as advertised. We live in a society/country where trust is relatively high (as opposed to some places where you can only trust your family, and even then fallouts happen), so the “global village” isn’t necessarily within our circle of intimacy.

  3. Michelle

    I totally agree with David! I got scammed before. Once on ebay and once on a forum for guitars. It did kind of shake my trust in people and especially in the internet. Now I only buy from sources I can really trust. Place where my friends have already bought things and they can testify it’s oki!

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