Learn to Sew Leather from Craftsman Cechaflo

Learning is difficult and always hit and miss. Of course it is best to learn from a competent teacher, but often you do not know anyone with such high credentials. Often I get an interest and learn on my own. You go to the store and ask questions. There are books to read and then you experiment, learning as you go. Of course your results may vary. After lots of projects you might get it right. Really, it is best to find a great teacher.

Master leather craftsman Cechaflo has a series on Youtube that will teach you the small tips and tricks of sewing leather. Of course he cannot talk to you personally, but his videos are long and indepth, where you can watch his hands at work and observe his technique up close and personal. There will be lots of things you will not pick up at first, but will come to you in time and experience. I like the explanation of the French and flat felled seams. The baseball stitch was also interesting, and now I know.

I’ve always had an interest in leather, but knew no one that did anything of the sort. My P&O schooling gave me much more experience, but even there it was pretty basic. Cutting, skiving and straight stitching, learning to use the machine (flatbed and patcher), materials etc. It really was only the basics that left you wanting, if you wanted to create leather stuff for your own use.

I’ve watched a couple of Cechaflo videos and they are quite good. He is more into cars, probably because this is where he get paid, but there are also other things he does, like covering a chair in leather, and upholstery. It’s all good. His hand sewing videos are quite good, and very clear. Step by step, not too long, and up close and personal. There are no tricks that he leaves out. Contrary to stuff from Tandy Leather, his tools are simple and few.

Cacheflo is from Mexico. Viva Mexico!

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