CoVid-19 Corona Virus Self-Isolation: Benefits

This Covid-19 corona virus pandemic has markedly changed our short-term behaviour. Schools, libraries, community centers, gyms,dine-in restaurants and most stores are closed. We are told to stay home as much as possible. It is inconvenient, to say the least. I am getting what Canadians call “cabin fever”, a feeling of restlessness, the need to go out and do something.

All is not lost. There are benefits to our new self-isolation.

Increase in Home Cooking
Most dine-in restaurants are closed, so people are forced to either do take-out or cook at home. This is not a large change for us, as we rarely go to a dine-in restaurant anyway. I do notice that grocery stores are busier, and that is a good thing. People that cook at home will use less salt, and eat less fat and sugar. This can only be good for their health.

While bakeries are still open, I do notice an increase in baking bread. Maybe baking bread makes people feel more homely, but both flour and yeast have been hot sellers recently.

Little Weed is doing pizza. I have done a couple batches of focaccia, and have mastered proofing yeast.

Buy Less but better Stuff
Our reliance on China needs to change. I have long ago refrained from buying cheap and low quality products from anywhere, but they are usually made in China.

Fast fashion should die. It is not only bad for the earth’s resources, but also that most is made in China. Inexpensive, yes, but the quality is terrible and does not last. There was a time long ago, when people bought top quality, wore it for a long time, and repaired their clothes. This trend must come back.

Our penchant for low quality products from China that break needs to stop. This “buy, break, rebuy” cycle is a waste of money and resources.

Getting Along with Family Members
I don’t think I have spent this much time so close to family members. Thankfully we have a large enough house that we can go for hours without seeing each other.

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