Google is Pro-Communist Party Chinese, denies Free speech

It’s been well known that Youtubers who post anything against the Communist Party of China CCP will have their videos demonetized, thus denying them the ability to make a living.Youtube is owned by Alphabet, the parent company of Google.

I am not sure why Google would do the bidding of the CCP, as Google services are banned in China and cannot therefore make a profit. Perhaps Chinese advertisers pay Google for ads around the world, but just not in China, where they are banned.

matter, for Google, a smart company, to be intentionally or unintentionally manipulated by the CCP is a travesty. I expect that Google would uphold the right of free speech and allow Youtubers to make a living by posting their China content, either for or against.

Interestingly Google can ban Russian customers, but they cannot ban Chinese posters that shill for Russia? Increasingly Google is ever more becoming an unethical company. Though Google has power due to its search engine, I cannot support their policies.

Thankfully I get none of my China information from Google, but from more reliable sources.

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