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New Experience, a Bit Dreamy: The Middle Cut

Small, but still an operation, left me with a bit of fear of the unknown. I welcome new experiences, be they good or bad. Odd, is it not?

The wait was not overly taxing, but a bit long. I tried deep breathing, but in the end this did not lower my BP. Still, I did not have anxiety within my thoughts. I moved from one waiting area to another. The ear protection helped me block out the busy and unfamiliar outside stimulus. I had prepared well.

Automotive Journalist on Motorcycle Hurt by Left Turning Car

How to avoid getting killed by a car, especially a left turning car at a signalized intersection, is a frequent topic of discussion on motorcycle forums and blogs. For a long time smart motorcyclists have been looking for the cause and solution to this deadly dilemma, in the hopes of reducing or eliminating the threat. First-hand documented accounts of crashes are dissected with a forensic zeal. Possible causes and contributing factors are suggested. Motorcyclists always leave the discussion with an uneasiness and queasiness in the gut: Often the cause of the crash, a car driver, is beyond the rider’s control. In this case an automotive writer riding his motorcycle gets into a head-on crash with a left-turning young lady, who says the typical cop-out excuse: “I did not see him”.