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Ubuntu 16.4 Upgrade: Small Issues

I have upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. There have been very few issues for what is essentially an engine swapout.

Wireless Lan not recognizing Old Connections

On my home wifi I hide the SSID. After the upgrade these connections do not seem to work. Or rather they worked for a while and then seemed to slowly stop working.

When I edit my hidden network connections, the old connections are there but the connect button is greyed out. I thought I had to go to my router, broadcast my SSID, get a connection, then re-hide my SSID. This did not work. It turns out there is a bug for hidden networks.

Getting Old Sucks, Especially if you are a Smartphone

The march of time stops for no one, rich or poor, for whomever. While humans may be able to mitigate their demise with a bit of compassion, there is none for old phones. Android phones grow old, older than 2 years old, slow down, and then get pitched into the back drawer, replaced by a new Android model, never to be turned on again.

Android Studio 2.1.2: Downgrading Gradle Versions

Damn, that was hard. Android Studio 2.1.2 is really a bitch to tame. I had not used AS for a while, so when I opened it I needed to upgrade, which I did. That is when the pain started. If you are using an older phone than Android v21 Lollipop then you will need add a lower version of gradle 2.10 to work.

The different versions of Android require different versions of gradle. Upgrade your android version and your gradle version will correspond. Upgrade Android Studio and you support and older version of Android spells trouble.

Toshiba 32L1350UC LED TV Software Glitches

Moving from Rogers Cable to OTA TV necessitated the purchase of a new digital TV. We chose the 32″ Toshiba 32L1350UC because it was big enough and still able to fit into our existing multimedia cabinet.Overall the TV works remarkably well and is of high quality. There are a couple odd glitches that I have noticed.

I really wanted to get a larger TV, as the 32″ ones looked quite small in the showroom. I measured the distance from our couch to the TV and brought a measuring tape to the showroom. We measured out this distance to the TV. Surprisingly my kids said a 32″ was big enough, and there was no need to spend more money.

Drupal 6.2x to 7.2x Upgrade Failure

Oivey It simply did not work. I followed the recipe they had laid out for the upgrade, ran upgrade.php and got this mess of an error message. I suppose in time I will figure it out or abandon the site. Thankfully it was a test site with nothing in it. A test upgrade is the way to go for Drupal, because failing on a production site would be catastrophic.

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘xxx_dxxx2.blocked_ips’ doesn’t exist: SELECT 1 FROM {blocked_ips} WHERE ip = :ip; Array ( [:ip] => xx.xxx.xx.xx ) in drupal_is_denied() (line 1895 of /home/xxx/public_html/xxx/includes/bootstrap.inc).

WordPress 3.5 Upgrade: Unneeded Files Cleanup

Upgrades to WordPress are important to keep hackers from destroying your site and your index status on Google Search. After upgrading to WordPress 3.5 there were some preexisting files that should also be deleted. These now unused files can be hijacked by hackers to damage your site. It is best to delete or move these files from your WP directories.

Minor Upgrade to my Drupal Install: Sept 2012

Procrastinate I did, and for a long time, but I bit the bullet today and upgraded my Drupal install. I had known that this was required a long time ago, as I had a suspicion that bots were attacking it. I do hate bots that attack me. It went well, all without drama. It was a minor upgrade.

Ripstik Mechanical Maintenance: Overview

Maintenance of any mechanical device is important for the smooth and trouble free operation. A ripstik is a kid’s toy, similar to a skateboard, and as a kid’s toy, gets vicious abuse. We bought a used Ripstik Classic and it really needed some TLC. Here is what we did. As a result of our maintenance the ripstik runs much smoother and glides farther, resulting in faster speeds and/or less effort. These are all benefits of a couple of hours of maintenance.

House Upgrades: Oct 2011

My entries have been missing these past weeks because life has interrupted my normal routine, shifting me in unplanned directions. I suppose this is how life unfolds. I needed to remove my attic insulation, upgrade a ceiling pot light and vapour barrier, fix the attic vapour barrier, vent my bathroom fans to the outside, redo soffit venting, and then get everything back to normal. I get lemons and then make lemonade.

Reshingling of part of my roof went well. I did not fall off. Dirty yes, but it had to be done.

Turn off Update Notices to Adobe Flash a hassle

What a pain in the buttocks. Flash is annoying me with upgrade notices, all without a way of opting out. I find that Adobe flash and Reader upgrades have a nasty habit of malfunctioning, requiring me to uninstall and reinstall the whole product. Newer versions have more bloatware than utility. I have opted to simply not upgrade, but the upgrade notices continue to come. Here’s how to end your pain.