Seam Grip Sealer and Adhesive: Usage Tips


Seam Grip Sealer and Adhesive, McNett, instructions are not good but it does eventually seal.

Seam Grip Sealer and Adhesive, McNett, instructions are not good but it does eventually seal.

I bought this from a local MEC store (new packaging, same product name) here in Toronto for a seam repair on two Goretex jackets, where the seam tape’s adhesive had failed and the seam tape was hanging loose. After reading the instructions it was clear that they were not very good.

Firstly let’s talk about tools. The package comes with a tip with plastic bristles, and a metal handled brush. I used the metal brush and it gummed up really badly. The instructions say to wash it out with soap and water, which did nothing. The adhesive is very sticky and stuck the bristles all together. I was able to remove the bristles using a liberal treatment of mineral baby oil, which loosened and balled up the adhesive, which could then be picked off. This was a pain in the butt. After the metal brush mess I did not even dare to use the tip with plastic bristles. I suppose if you were to use this once and throw away everything then it would be fine, but I only used a bit and will freeze the rest for future repairs.

Getting the adhesive on your hands was equally problematic. The instructed soap and water was useless. I first used mineral baby oil, which loosened the adhesive, after which I used soap and water to remove the mineral oil.

The best thing to do is to use a disposable popsicle stick to spread the adhesive. Once done you can throw it away or reuse it the next day for other areas.

You are instructed to apply the glue, which seems to be acrylic, to both surfaces, wait 15 minutes, then tape or clamp the two surfaces together overnight. I used a small metal bar and some metal tools to ensure the two surfaces did not stick together. The glue is very sticky but does not instant bond, like contact cement. I used a thick metal bar and 4 old electric motor mounts as weights. As one jacket had multiple areas to repair and I had only 4 weights, I had to wait a day to do a second batch of repairs. The overnight waiting is long, but it did bond quite well.

Overall the product seems to work well, but the instructions are not good. Soap and water, or even isopropyl alcohol will not soften the adhesive and make it wash away. After 24 hrs the glue dries hard and transparent.

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