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Bread Making: Bread Math, Poolish and Scaling a Recipe

I have really gotten attached to using a poolish as the starter for sourdough bread. Using a poolish is really easy. You just mix flour, water and starter, and set it aside to ferment for 12 hrs. It is technically called a preferment.

There are disagreements between the definitions of poolish, biga and a sponge. It seems like the poolish is 100% hydration, or 1:1 flour:water. The biga is 1:0.7 flour:water, and a sponge is 1:0.4 flour:water.

Calories in Papadum is only 35

The nutrition label on my Indian papadum states that 100g has 316 calories and 2,454g of salt. The salt is 102% of your daily recommended intake. How misleading are these nutrition facts. The numbers are for 100g of papadum.

My package of papadum is 150g for 14 circles. Who, in their right mind, would eat 2/3ds, or 9 papadum at a sitting?

Each papadum weights 11g and has 35 calories, 273g salt

To cook: microwave on high for 2 minutes

Aquarium Quarantine Procedures

When you buy new fish to add to your existing aquarium, you really should quarantine the new fish in order to check them out. To add them in directly might contaminate your existing tank and/or make your new fish sick. You would then need to treat all your fish, new and old, to medical treatment and risk the possible loss of existing fish.

Delissio Pizza Review: VERY Salty

Delissio Pizza: easy to bake but extremely salty. "If it's not delivery it's Delissio, Oh, D'salt!"

Delissio Pizza: easy to bake but extremely salty. "If it's not delivery it's Delissio, Oh, D'salt!"

If you know me, you know that we cook almost everything from scratch. This includes pizza. When Delissio pizza went on sale at a local big box grocer, 2 x 900g pizzas for $6CAD, I thought I would give their Deluxe a try. Overall impressions were that they are far inferior to home made pizza, but to my Little Weed an inferior pizza is better than no pizza at all. Of note was the fact that the pizza was so salty. I know salt is cheap, but if this pizza was so tasty why not let the ingredients speak for themselves?